Call of Duty… now with Kevin Spacey!

Have you seen the new trailer for House of Car– err… Titanfal– err… Call of Duty?! Kevin Spacey is certainly looking a lot more animated than usual.

*badum tish*

*badum tsh*

I’m not ashamed I’m totally ashamed to admit that I play Call of Duty from time to time. I know that the games are soulless, empty cash-ins with less depth than Josh Radnor, but there’s something so shit-flingingly fun about them.

The trouble is, every new game released is just the same old Call of Duty game with some minor alterations, and a new Sharknado-tier story tacked on.

Gargantuan series such as this are always walking a very thin line, to be fair. They are constantly badgered to change things up and keep things fresh, yet they have to retain the core elements that make the series what it is. For Call of Duty, that is the gameplay, which has lead to every game feeling more or less the same. But then you know the solution to that? Stop releasing so many damn games.



I can tell you right now that I will not be buying CoDAdvanced Warfare. As much as fighting under Frank Underwood‘s command appeals to me greatly, it should be clear by this point that it will just be another generic, linear shooter with a big name attached. The developers have certainly been upping the ante when it comes to the campaigns in recent games, but unfortunately all this has done is elevate them from bad to mediocre.

Call of Duty is one of those series that died years ago, but will never truly be dead. Everybody agrees that they suck and should stop being developed, but then those same people queue up every year at midnight to get their hands on the newest addition.

The trailer? It looks okay. But then trailers always do. That’s their job. Spacey’s monologue is pretty good, but it’s frustratingly transparent just how hard they are trying to cash in on the whole House of Cards craze.

They missed an awesome naming opportunity, though.

You can watch the trailer here, if you’re interested (which, obviously, you aren’t.)



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