Watching the greatest film ever made

Okay, let’s start by saying that (obviously) it’s impossible to objectively determine what the greatest film actually is. You could argue that Avatar is objectively the best, because it is the highest grossing movie of all time – but if you genuinely think that, then, well…

Shane Mosely, Antonio MargaritoIt’s actually quite hard to subjectively determine what the greatest film is – I honestly couldn’t tell you what my favourite film is right now. I could give you a list of possible contenders, but that’s about the best I can do – there are just too many excellent films to chose from.

Rather than pick a definite favourite, just pick a random film you really, really love. It can be anything, literally anything (even Avatar, if that’s what you’re into.) Got it? Okay, now try and describe how you felt when you were watching it, really try and capture your emotion. It’s not easy is it? You tend to go through such a vast range of emotions that the only way you can really quantify the feeling is just… wow.

There is, however, one other feeling that we all likely have while watching a really good film (no, not that). This is a feeling that’s a lot easier to pinpoint. In fact, this feeling spans much further than just film – books, food, music, television can all generate this same feeling. The feeling I am referring to is simply; I will never experience this for the first time ever again.

Not yet, anyway…

Obviously, many films get better with each viewing, but nothing can ever really recreate the feeling of watching it for the first time (other than, y’know, watching other movies for the first time.) There’s something so bleak about knowing that if you ever decide to re-watch one of your favourite films, you will never experience it the same way you did on your first viewing. All the mystery and intrigue is essentially gone.

Yes, it’s a stupid thought – but don’t even try to lie right now, you’ve all thought it. Many of you, after finishing Breaking Bad will be thinking it right now. Yes, you could re-watch it, and perhaps gain a new perspective of the show as a whole – but it’ll never carry the same mystery and intrigue that it once did for you.

It’s at this point that the quest for the replacement begins. You need to get that high back. You will prowl the murky streets, looking for an answer – are there any other shows like this? Is there anything else that exists that can fill this void? And you will find something – maybe it will be just as good, maybe even better. But once you know this, it’s too late. You’ve seen it now, there’s no going back – your want to watch something amazing for the first time will return once again, allowing the vicious cycle to continue forever, until you have seen everything. Everything.


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