So, Breaking Bad has finished…

After nearly six years of incredibly high quality entertainment, Vince Gilligan‘s wildly popular Breaking Bad has finally drawn to a close. The show has been universally praised, being named one of the greatest TV dramas to air for decades – showcasing excellent acting, writing and direction. Plus they totally made Hal from Malcolm in the Middle look like a bad ass – a masterful feat if any.

"I am the one who knocks."

“I am the one who knocks.”

Naturally such a highly praised show is going to have to have an absolutely spectacular ending just to live up to the shows hype. This is generally why most shows finale’s are considered disappointing – the entire series has been building up to this point, and if it doesn’t live up to your highest hopes and expectations, then it’s a disappointment to you. If every little loose end doesn’t get tied up exactly as you wanted it to, then somebody shoot the writer – because it fucking sucks.

So, was Baking Bread’s finale a disappointment? Well, don’t ask me, ask the numbers.

"So, numbers, was it a disappointment?"

“Well, numbers… was it a disappointment?”

Nine point nine. Nine point fucking nine. That’s about as close to perfection as you can get with IMDb. (Note: I realise that IMDb’s scoring system is about as credible as a piece of graffiti drawn onto a bathroom stall in shit, so here are a few more sources.)

To be honest, natural sceptic (harsh bastard) though I am, this is one hype train that I’m personally sort of on board with. It was definitely a very fitting and satisfying ending to a 10/10 show, wrapping up loose ends nicely, yet leaving a little room to guess. The entire episode was played very straight, there were very few surprises waiting for you – and I actually like that. You knew basically how the series was going to end from the start of season 5; Walt was going to kill everybody and then die. As Gilligan himself said, Walt was Scarface, and every single one of us knows how Scarface kicks the bucket.

The episode has obviously received some bad press. People I have spoken to have questioned the ‘realism’ of the automated M60 Machine gun Walt built – even to go as far to call it the ‘Deus Ex Machina gun‘. While I agree, it was a very far-fetched and somewhat cartoonish weapon – it’s not the first time Breaking Bad pulled a Looney Tunes-esque solution to one of Walt’s problems.

Pictured: Total, 100% realism

This show, like all TV shows, need not be stuck in the cruel grasp of reality. Who gives a crap if something is too convenient or too unrealistic – it’s a television show created for our entertainment, Yes, the show is generally quite realistic most of the time, however it never claimed to be a documentary. I think it’s only fair we allow writers a little more creative room to breathe.

There have also been several people complaining that Walt got off too easy, that he did not deserve a such happy ending. While he did manage to get revenge on the Aryans and get the money to Walt Jr, I’d hardly call it happy ending. He lost the love and respect of his entire family, particularly Walt Jr, who was one of the very reasons he got into the meth business in the first place. It’s actually quite a tragic ending when you really look at it.

You really only had to look back through the rest of the show to realise how this was going to work. Walt always gets what he wants – the man is a genius. Though, the ending would have been far more Scarface if he went in all guns a-blazing and got turned into Swiss-cheese at the hands of the Aryans – that’s just not Walt’s style. He’s methodical, he needs to be sure he can do some damage. Most of Walt’s exchanges see Walt on top, because he thinks before he confronts.

Okay, so he may have overlooked some fine details such as the Aryans perhaps checking his boot, or them not letting him park in front of the very building in which they have their discussion, but it’s probably fair to imagine he had some kind of backup plan that we never got to see – because like I said, he’s methodical (I’m cutting you some real slack here, Gilligan.)

Really though, despite a few small plot inconsistencies, this was a fine ending to a fine show. I personally have no real complaints, and can sleep happy knowing that this great show got the ending it deserved – so, well done Gilligan, you’ve done us all proud! 10/10.

Wait a minute… what about Huell? You fucking backstabbing piece of shit how could you do this to your fans?! How could you do this to Huell?! 0/10 show never going to watch it again.

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