Smartphones vs. Life

This article can effectively be summed up quite neatly with the words: First world problems.

I have only owned a Smartphone for about 6 months now, and I can honestly say that my life has improved by exactly 0% since then. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a traditional “technology is a curse!” kinda guy (I write a blog, for gods sake) and I do see the appeal, it’s just… I dunno, I just don’t find it incredibly useful.

‘This article was posted from my Smart Phone’

Yeah, it’s great that I can check my emails straight out of my pocket, or tell all of my friends on Facebook that I stubbed my toe, but for me this is not particularly important. I have a computer at home, which does all these things already, but better. I really don’t think checking whether or not ‘I will be kissed on Friday if I send this to 20 people’ every 10 minutes is necessary.

The thing is, I do do these things now, because the option is there (and I want to convince myself that my money was not wasted.) I’ll be mid conversation and suddenly think “Did I win that bid on eBay?” and the uncontrollable urge to check right there on the spot kicks in. But I fight it – I’m not the kind of rude person who whips out their phone and stops concentrating mid conversation. So I wait, patiently, for the person to shut the hell up and piss off so I can check eBay. God damn.

And y’know what? I always lose the bloody bid.


The world is just becoming a more virtual place, you could practically live a full life without ever leaving the house if you think about it. Work from home, shop online, work out in a home gym (because obviously the people I’m describing work out.) With the invention of smartphones, no more will you have to live your life entirely at home, you can now live it entirely on a train.

All it has done has create a conflict within all of us – “what is more important, what is happening right now in front of me, or what is happening on Facebook?” Facebook always wins. Life is actually coming up short when compared to reading about how your friend failed her driving test again.

At this point in writing, my brain cried out to me “Sol, what the hell does this have to do with film? This is a film blog you mogloid!” So now watch as I awkwardly shoe-horn this onto topic.

Smartphones and film actually tie together quite nicely. Though it can be a little distracting, bringing back up the aforementioned point about me suddenly remembering about that bid that I placed on eBay earlier (that, if you remember, I lost.)


It also get’s quite annoying in cinemas watching phones light up constantly because people are doing the same thing. But other than that, it presents many ways to actually further the enjoyment of watching a film. For example, if I’m watching Groundhog Day and suddenly think “I wonder how old Bill Murray is”, I can whip out my phone and check right then and there. Although it probably alleviates the enjoyment of those around me when I suddenly shout “He’s 62!” 

I can do the same for slightly less trivial things also, like if I see somebody I recognise in a film, but can’t quite place where from, I am merely a few taps away from finding out. Never again will I sit, flustered, thinking “I know I’ve seen him in something! BUT WHAT?! …and how old is he?”

To me smartphones are only really worthwhile if you have an extremely busy schedule and need constant access to your emails, or Facebook (for whatever reason.) Although I do quite enjoy them, the whole experience just seems like more of a distraction than anything else – a distraction from life, that is without a doubt hindering the need for actual social confrontations, therefore hindering the need for mouths, legs or ears.

inb4 we all evolve into a bunch of mouthless, legless, earless people with smartphones for hands

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Artist’s rendition

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4 responses to “Smartphones vs. Life

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  3. Excellent, amusing, enjoyable article, Nomolost! I read it on my phone Lol!! What you say is So true!,

    When they invented the Microwave, the Dishwasher, the coffee maker etc… we were able to streamline mundane kitchen chores. These modern marvels of convenience were designed to speed things up and give us much more time for the important stuff. Like socializing hanging out with our families and friends, eating, sleeping exercising etc… They did exactly that.

    Then along came Smart Phones and other related hand-held gadgets. They boast of all sorts of apps and tools and gizmos designed to better organize our lives. (calendars, agenda,s timers alarms, watches, and the like) Did they really streamline anything? Did they give us more time for the important stuff? The answer to that is an unequivocal no!

    We eat up more time playing with these marvelous gadgets than is healthy, helpful, or time effective in any way shape or form. They sure fun, and the truly do help us eat up time though.

    I sat in my Doctors waiting room the other day, surrounded by a load of zombies. 18 people in close proximity, (jammed together in one little room) and not a nod or utterance was made between a one of them. We have become a bunch of electronic hermits! Every single man woman and child in that place sat staring at their blasted phone, tablet or Ipod. gaming viewing or texting their lives away. Truth be told, I only noticed this because my good old trusty Samsung Galaxy 2 android was in the shop for repairs, otherwise I would have been playing around with my smart phone just like everyone else. Lord help us, we can’t even leave the blasted things alone long enough to drive our cars anymore! Anyway, sorry gotta go, I just got a text. 🙂

    • Ha, yeah it gets forced on you to, because you feel kind of awkward if you’re the only one who is not on their phone! It just makes you wander what is going to happen to face-to-face confrontation in a few years, because it’s basically non-existent now!

      Smartphones are pretty useful, in all honesty, I just think that their usefulness is regularly undermined by all the fun, useless stuff they can do.

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