24 Returns; to a universal “WAT?”

I think if there’s one show we can all say had definitely run it’s course – it’s 24. Say what you will about the show, it was definitely good entertainment – for a while at least. The typical ’24 formula’ was getting a little stale after about season five, but still we got all the way to eight before they gracefully packed it in… or at least that’s what we thought.


FOX… FOX waht r u doin… FOX STAHP

Most shows tend to outstay their welcome as to make as much money as they can before we start to feel sorry for them. It’s all about the money, at the end of the day – and that is just something that we have to accept.

This kind of move from FOX has a really interesting effect of separating die hard fans into two separate groups; The Naysayers, and the Believers. The Naysayers (as characterized by their name) say nay to the idea of a new season, as they know it will likely be the season that ‘jumps the shark‘ (that is if you believe that show hadn’t already jumped the shark.) The Believers (also characterized by their name) believe that the project will be a a great success, for executives and fans alike – either that or they just want to see Jack Bauer shoot at terrorists some more.

Whilst also looking at the worlds most intrusive digital clock.

I’m honestly with the naysayers on this one (surprise, surprise.) Shows being brought back is very rarely a good thing, particularly with shows that have been running for so long (and been on such a rapid decline of quality.) I’m a pessimist, and have to try really hard to see this as anything other than a last-minute cash grab before the series truly bites the bullet. Or who knows, maybe this is going to be a breakthrough series, bringing all of the loose ends together and setting a new bar in televisual storytelling.

I’ve got to say, trawling through the IMDb message board for 24, I’m surprised at just how positive the reaction is. There are surprisingly few naysayers, so I suppose my title is a little untrue. Still, I like to believe that there are at least some other sensible people at there who are screaming “WAT” as loudly as I am.

Disclaimer: If it turns out to be good, then I wrote this on opposite day.

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6 responses to “24 Returns; to a universal “WAT?”

  1. I’m pumped for 24 to return!! I was so disappointed when the 24 movie wasn’t green lit but now I’m pleased as I think it will work better in the mini series format. They are responding to the fans, the majority of which have been desperate for this to happen! Bring back Bauer!

    • I didn’t follow 24 quite as meticulously as I have other shows, and I always considered the reception of the show to be on a constant decline – from what I was hearing, anyway. Never underestimate the fans, eh?

      • Yeah, kind of a natural progression for any show but it did have a good run. It’s always risky to consider bringing a show like this back, you never want to damage the original but I’ll be a ‘believer’ for now! 😀

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  3. I watch very little Tv and when I do try and find something to watch, I flounder. I think I will take a look at Breaking Bad, I know some people who rave about it.. Thanks

    • I was in the same boat as you, Breaking Bad was one of the first TV shows I really got into. Once I finished that, I really couldn’t not watch a TV show any more… it’s an addiction.

      An unbelievably pathetic addiction…

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