Hollywood’s idea of “Love”

We’ve got a pretty cheese-ball topic to ramble about today, you can thank the old dogs over at the Daily Post for that. I’m not much of a romantic-movie guy (do romantic movie guys even exist?) but I think that love is actually a pretty interesting topic when it comes to cinema.

You might think that it’s a bit of a joke that a nineteen year old douchebag thinks he can talk about the practicalities of love, because he’s just a kid – and you’re totally right to think this. I really do not know what love is (see above video) – but that doesn’t mean I do not know what it’s not.

I know that it’s not what Hollywood says it is. Hollywood has spent the entirety of it’s existence mis-colouring and mis-representing anything and everything that exists. Men feel inadequate if they are not super-good looking, 8-foot tall Adonis’s, and women feel inadequate if they’re not super-model, size 0, double D goddesses.

We live in a day and age where perfection is almost demanded to be ‘normal’ – and a huge reason for this is that in movies, normal people are practically perfect. Hollywood is an idealised version of our lives – but we do not see it like that, we see it as what our lives are supposed to be like, and it makes us feel inadequate.

God damn it WHY AM I NOT IRON MAN?!

If there’s one thing that Hollywood truly overstates – it’s love. Men are (mostly) portrayed as gentlemanly, constantly caring, flawless beings who would go to the ends of the earth and back to make the person they love happy. When in reality, even the greatest of men can be collosal assholes sometimes. It’s the same for women, they are (mostly) portrayed as kind, loving, reasonable beings who would do anything for her partner, and we all know that… that…

…that it’s 100% true! *wipes sweat from forehead*

We’ve all been in that ‘honeymoon period’ at the start of a relationship which does slightly resemble the Hollywood relationship. However, those of us who have been with someone for longer than a month would know that it’s all a goddamn lie. When the ‘real’ relationship begins, the arguments begin, the moaning begins, the disappointment begins. All of this is ‘excess, unimportant’ stuff which Hollywood doesn’t really like to mention.

No relationship is perfect, because no person is perfect. There is not a single person on the planet who agrees with everything that you do, therefore, there is a place for conflict in all of your relationships with absolutely everybody.

Of course, a lot of Hollywood films do depict this slightly less glamorous side of relationships, but only if it’s one of their core goals to do so… or if they’re trying to be all dramatic and sad. But even in these types of films, somebody in the relationship will do something incredibly heart-warming and romantic towards the end, and totally redeem themselves before the couple walk away into the sunset. Most of us know that after a break-up, there will be no big romantic gestures or speeches which totally excuse everything – and if there is, it will probably involve extreme embarrassment and rejection for those attempting it.


Some films do successfully avoid this (See 500 days of Summer) but generally as a whole, Hollywood‘s depiction of relationships are about as accurate as anything Bill O’Reilly says. Like pretty much everything else they attempt to depict, as I’ve previously mentioned.

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