Losing sleep over TV: Why I hate Cliffhangers

I have spent the best part of the past month trying to fix my sleeping pattern, to almost no avail. I tend to go to bed at around 2-3am, and wake somewhere in the regions of 10am-12pm. This is all right since it means that on average I get about 8 hours of sleep a night, but lately I just feel guilty if I wake up past 11am.

I could’ve been productively laughing at cats for two hours if I had gotten up at 9.

Part of me thinks it’s sort of acceptable because I am but nineteen, and teenagers (apparently) need more sleep. The other part of me slaps me sideways for using such a pitiful excuse for being a lazy pillock.

See, it’s difficult to get to bed early nowadays, because there is just too much to distract you. Most people have the entire internet at their disposal at all times, and although browsing the internet can get pretty dull in the middle of the day, at 1am it has a mystical power to suddenly become really interesting.

“lol that cat’s eating a melon!”

General internet browsing aside, what really keeps me up is television. Not just normal broadcast TV – I’m talking about television shows. I’m a real marathoner when it comes to television shows, I cannot watch one episode at a time. I very rarely watch TV shows from the beginning, because I know I am not patient enough to wait for one episode a week (I’m dying waiting for Dexter and Breaking Bad as we speak.)

Because of Netflix, I have access to full series’ of hundreds of great TV shows – which may seem like a good thing at first, but I’ve come to realise that it’s an awful curse. Particularly with shows like Prison Break or Dexter, where every episode ends on a massive cliffhanger. I always, always think “Right, this is the last episode, then it’s off to bed.” I think this with great confidence – I am a strong willed person, and I will do what I need to. But then, Uh-oh, looks like Michael and the gang have been caught in an impossible to escape situation – you’re gonna have to wait to see how they get out of this one!

I cannot wait to see how they get out of this one.

So, I watch it. Yeah, I said I was strong willed, but this is my Achilles heal I guess. Knowing that I could just know what happens is not something I can easily live with.

This happens with every episode, and it’s killing my sleeping pattern. The only way I get out of this awful bind is to wait for an episode that doesn’t end with a mind-bending cliffhanger. Otherwise, I will just lie awake thinking to myself, “there is just no way Walt is getting out of this one.”


Referring to the title, I don’t really hate cliffhangers. In fact, I love them, they keep shows fresh and exhilarating. What I hate is my inability to deal with cliffhangers, because I think if they (and a few other things*) did not exist, I may actually be an early bird. May. Although probably not.

*food, internet, books, games, music, alcohol, people

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One response to “Losing sleep over TV: Why I hate Cliffhangers

  1. Cliffhangers! Aaaaiieeee D: this is why I’d been trying not to watch one episode at a time, I’ve managed to be able to deal with that but what I really don’t like is freaking SEASON FINALE cliffhangers!!! T_T

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