Are Blu-Ray’s worth it?

I’ve always seen Blu-Rays as a kind of gimmick, an additional bit of oompf for the true cinephiles who are willing to pay the extra buck to make there 70 inch home cinema screens seem worth it.

“Now I can REALLY see how shit this film is!”

For the average person however, it just seems like a money sink hole. You have to buy a special Blu-Ray player (or a PS3), you have to pay an extra £5 per movie, you have to have a nice big TV to make it all worth it. It just seems like a big waste, for only a slight improvement in quality.

I however recently purchased a PS3, and took it upon myself to finally try out Blu-Ray. Although I can definitely see and hear the difference, overall it is actually pretty minute. I hear some films translate better to Blu-Ray than others, so for what its worth, the films I have seen so far are: American History X, Trainspotting and The Big Lebowski. I now own 3 Blu-Rays, and am in a bit of a bind. Should I keep buying Blu-Rays, just to make it seem like those 3 purchases were worthwhile, or should I stop now and save myself the money in the long run?

I’m inclined to keep buying (because that’s the kind of ruthless bastard I am), but I really do have to ask myself – is it really worth it? Do I care about audio and picture quality that much? To be quite honest I’m happy enough just watching crappy quality streamed movies online most of the time.

Uh, I mean, no I’m not

I’m a little bit of a collector, and being a film buff, it feels nice having the Blu-Ray copy of a film. I definitely have no plans of replacing my DVD collection, it’s more just so I can enjoy my favourite movies as they were meant to be watched.

It’s quite clear that Blu-Ray will never replace DVD, like DVD replaced video and so on. The difference between them is just too minute to warrant moving on to a whole new format. Besides, the logical step from DVD now, is digital download. Much like music, there isn’t really much benefit of having a physical copy (unless you’re a cinema buff) – and it’s certainly a lot cheaper to download films than it is to buy them from a retailer.

I guess at the end of the day it just comes down to how much of an pretentious wanker you are. Blu-ray’s only exist so that when you hear somebody talking about a film, you can butt in and scream; “I love that movie, I have it on BLU-RAY!” and wallow in your glory as the bystanders all stare at you in jealousy and awe. So yeah, I guess it is worth it.

How much of a pretentious wanker am I: A seriously pretentious wanker (10/10)

My face when the bystanders revel in my greatness:


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