“Breaking Bad” Spinoff? S’all good man.

Right. This is some crazy shit right here; a comedy spin off from Breaking Bad? That’s like a spin off of Bay-watch that isn’t about watching shirtless people run around a beach.

Is nothing sacred any more?

I’ve got to be honest, I’m excited as hell about this – if it comes to actually happen that is. It’s definitely a risky idea from AMC, given just how high quality of a show Breaking Bad is, and how low quality genre-shifting spin-off’s tend to be. I’m surprised project has made it this far honestly, it seems like one of those ideas that would get proposed to a board, and then laughed into the deepest abyss imaginable to the human mind.

The show could go two ways; it could be one of the greatest spin-off’s of all time, which will be hailed as the beautiful successor to the already near-perfect Breaking Bad, or it could be what Joey is to Friends; a painfully unfunny rehash of the original that most sane people pretend doesn’t exist. Breaking Bad set the bar pretty damn high, so the show is going to have to be pretty damn amazing to meet the standards of the fans; and It’s fair to assume that it may not live up to the hype.

The reaction to this is fairly mixed, and it’s not hard to see why. Fans don’t want to see their beloved Breaking Bad‘s legacy ruined by it being associated with a failure. Personally, I’m not the sort of person who immediately disregards quality if a future endeavour undermines it, so I’ll be behind the project 100%. Unless it turns out to be really shit, it which case I will burn all of my Breaking Bad blu ray’s and denounce Vince Gilligan as god.

Don’t make me do it, Vince

In all seriousness, I’m not worried about them screwing this up at all. They have proved to us that they are capable of writing good comedy (By writing Saul’s character in the first place) and that they are more than capable of creating brilliant TV. We just have to hope that they don’t:

1) Tie it in too much with Breaking Bad
Holding it too close to the story of BB will just send the fans into a frenzy because the story continuity is not 100% accurate or something.

2) Tie it in too little with Breaking Bad
Fans will just get mad that there was all this hype for another lawyer comedy with no connection to the Breaking Bad that they loved.

3) Make it too funny
Breaking Bad is a dark show, the fans want dark, so if the show is too light-hearted, the fans will complain it’s too far a departure from the original tone.

4) Not make it funny enough
At the end of the day, it’s a comedy show starring Saul Goodman, if it’s not funny, what is it? Fans will complain that it’s too similar to BB.

On second thought, good luck AMC, you’re going to need it.

My face when reading the news:

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